Day rate for RAHC

Hi All


The Registration for the symposium has closed. However, for late comers or everyone, who does not want to miss our exciting event, but has limited time, we offer a day rate:

Fully waged: AUD 90.00

Concession: AUD 50.00

Student: AUD 35.00

(the student rate remains the same, as it is already heavily subsidised.)

To register for the day rate click the button below:




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Final Program, Maps and one final reminder

Dear all,

Following, you can find some final and additional information and one last reminder:

  • The final time schedule is up now. You can check  it out by clicking on the tab “Program” , or download a PDF version here.
  • Registration will open from 8.00 am in front of lecture theatre N395.
  • Below is a map of the venue and one that shows how to get there. The easiest access as well as the accessible one is from Science Road into Russel Place.

venue map colour

symposium maps plus xtras

  • And last but not least our final reminder that

Registration will close on Monday 10, at 23.59pm. To register you can click on the tab “registration” on top of the page or the button on the right panel.

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Extension of Registration Deadline

The deadline for the registration has been extended to Monday 10 June 2013, 23:59.

The fee categories are as follows:

Fully waged: AUD 190

Concession: AUD 100

Student: AUD 35


Dinner at Fountain 77 (Mediterranean kitchen): 

Fully waged and concession: AUD 55

Student: AUD 35


To register click the button on the right pane or click the tab on top of the page to get to our registration page, which contains all information you need.

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Abstracts now available

To get a better idea on what topics and themes are being presented and discussed, feel free to browse the list of abstracts, sorted alphabetically by author and click here.

To download the list as PDF, click here.

Sally Babidge

The enigma of a watershed in resource contestation

Georgia Curran

Associations Amongst Aboriginal People, Landscapes, Species and Ancestral beings: Examples from contemporary Warlpiri songs and rituals

Ella Dilkes-Frayne

Who, what and how? Examining how youth party drug use is co-­‐produced by a diverse range of actors

Ute Eickelkamp

Nature as History: Moscovici and the Aboriginalists

Luis Fernando Angosto Ferrández

Cosmopolitics, neoliberalism and capitalist earth-beings: Some reflections before we go (even further away) beyond ‘modern politics’

Natasha Fijn

Encountering Animals through a cross-cultural lens

Lucy Fiske

We Are Human. Detained refugees struggle for recognition as human.

Don Gardner

Post-Geertzian anthropology as a vocation: Ruling illusions and making the difference

Alex Gearin

Cosmological metamorphosis and the individual’s universe: ayahuasca healing in the Amazon and Australia

Aaron Hart

Alcohol: Ethnography of an Actant

Ben Hegarty

Images and power: race and the civil imagination in Indonesia

Christopher Howard

Differing the anthropos: towards an an anthro-de-centred anthropology

Cynthia Hunter

A new turn in a post-human world: Cross-species disease transmission

Sebastian Job

DMT Entities and Ecocide: Debilitating Distraction or Necessary Engagement?

Ian Keen

The constitutive role of language in sociality

Grant McCall

Agency and consciousness: Mana’uhakapiri on Rapanui

Fiona McKeague

Walking which way? The displaced story of ‘minimal’ impact bushwalking in Australia.

Zevic Mishor

The Show Must Go On: A Functional Analysis of Selected Jewish Religious Practices as Mediators of Cultural Transmission

Lorraine Mortimer

What Would a Man Be Without an Elephant, a Cat, a Lily…, or Strudel?

John Morton

Biology and Anthropology: Amazonia, Aboriginal Australia and ‘The West’

Stephen Muecke

Fattening Ontologies in the Field

Gillian Paxton

Companion species and urban ecology in Brisbane

Robbie Peters

Pigeons, post-colonialism and the struggle for life in the city

Geir Henning Presterudstuen

Life in the Age of Cyborgs – or, the political production of post-humans

Ryan Schram

What the world eats: Rethinking oikos as a feature of human species being

Jill Sweeney

Uncertain Human: the role of the non-human in producing knowledge

David Trigger

Persons, Objects and Things: Anthropology’s necessary anthropocentrism

Thom van Dooren

Living with crows: Conservation in haunted landscapes

Eve Vincent

Where dogs reign: relations of subordination, degradation and admiration

Carsten Wergin

Nature, Culture, Tourism (maybe), but No Gas: An Environmental Ethnography of Conflicts over Country on the Kimberley Coast

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Program update

Below you can find our DRAFT Program to download. Please note that this is not the final version, which we will post as soon as it is finalised, but the file will give you an insight into the exciting and intriguing topics raised at this symposium. 

To download the DRAFT File as Pdf, click here

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End of Early Bird Registration

Hi All

Today is the final day of the early bird registration. From tomorrow the standard rates are valid:


Fully waged: AUD 190.00

Concession:  AUD 100.00

Student: AUD 35.00


Dinner charges remain the same.

To register click here.

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A Post-Human World? Rethinking Anthropology and the Human Condition

The University of Sydney Department of Anthropology will host a symposium on 13-14 June 2013 which will examine and debate the latent assumptions about humans and the human animal that underlie our research and thinking as anthropologists. We welcome submissions from everyone in anthropology and related fields. Check out our CFP here. The symposium distinguished lectures will be given by Marianne Lien, Professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo and Nikolas Kompridis, Professorial Fellow in the School of Humanities & Communication Arts at the University of Western Sydney. You can register for the conference online here. The deadline for abstracts is March 15. Send your proposals to Ryan Schram (ryan.schram [at] along with any questions or feedback.

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